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Multifunctional tool for e-currency exchange. Flexible system setup makes any currency exchange service maximum automatic.


  • manageable exchange interface;
  • order records;
  • full transaction history;
  • comfy administrator and user notice system;
  • automatic money transfer interfaces.


Currency list control
Unlimited currency set, flexible percent system for each currency; payment methods can be assigned by the administrators. Several exchange chapters like “game money”, “e-currency” and so on, can be used for methods’ grouping. Applied solutions allow all rates changing with minimal efforts.
Exchange directions control
Administrator has flexible system setup by exchange directions: which currencies can be exchanged, exchange amount restriction, applied commission. Exchange commission can depend on exchange amount. Administrator can assign discount to loyal clients.
Dynamical amount calculation and order form verification
Trying to send the order the user can indicate the amount and the currency he wants to buy just as to sell. Inverse calculation makes the form convenient and simple in use. The amounts are calculated in process of input that speeds up the work with the form. Personal data entered by the user is checked not after order form sending but in process of input reducing complexities of system use to minimum. Tools of dynamical verification and saving of all unsuccessful order sending minimize technical support engagement.
Personal data check
Includes syntax of Wmid, wm-purse, E-Mail, phone, passport, card number, account.
Cards and accounts verification
Numbers of bank cards and accounts are verified via Luna Algorithm To avoid errors the control amount is verified in process of input. In compliance with WMT requirements all data input by the user are verified on correctness via Interface X19. Compliance of WMID and WM purses are verified via the request to webmoney server.
Money transfer method control
Administrator can set up money transfer methods. Each method can have its own tariff system, also enough complicated. Any money transfer method can be accessible to all or only for some users assigned by the administrator. Depending on money transfer method the client should fill in some additional fields. In such case the system provides usage of My Account where the users can see the history of all their exchanges in the system and to fill in all their own personal data that automatically will be displayed in the order form.
Exchange history
Except exchange notification the program keeps all its history. Comfy filtration and quick search by exchange number makes work of technical support more effective.
Transaction history
Within deal there are always two transactions: from exchanger to user and from user to exchanger. The program keeps history of all transactions and the administrator can see the status of any of the money transfer. For automatic transaction the program keeps answers from payment system server.
Current accounts
The table of accounts is made on the basis of currency table. The same currency can have unlimited accounts number. The accounts are necessary for reserve and automatic transaction control.
Black list control
The administrator can add any WMID for its complete blocking or only on automatic methods. System has also automatic login an IP-address lock.
Limitation system
All the users can be limited by deal numbers and total deal amount. But for each client can be assigned a unique setting of these limitations.
Program uses only official automatic bank, Webmoney interfaces.All necessary verifications are made while interface using. All the interfaces are closely adhered to KOINS.Money that allows making deals without administrator.
Flexible system setup by user privileges allows you to decide who and when will have the access to KOINS.Money.


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