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The main goal of this program is to save the time for information search, to optimize analytical work.


  • info collection;
  • info (news) messages processing and storage;
  • following analysis by analytics;
  • accountancy of analytical info;
  • reports making.


The database is placed in the Internet. Access to the database is via web-interface, in any time from any place. Any installation and additional program components aren’t required.
Info collection
The system includes import subsystem allowing automatic messages collection from Internet resources (with open or closed access). Search by blogs, key words (can be set by administrator). Messages not sent to the system can be added manually or via file import.
Info processing
The system makes primary message processing; find keywords assigned in the system and distribute them by incoming and client categories. One message can be in several categories. System find doubles and makes messages chain. For processing and to digest displays only one message with resources and links where this message is duplicated. The analytic process messages in clients categories and give them analytical information: importance. Week subject, main message, speakers (tags), publication type.
The system makes reports by set of parameters and sends them to e-mails kept in the system. The analytic makes report manually; can export them, save as file on a hard disk.

System includes:

  • search subsystem ( by date, info resource, author, importance…);
  • subsystem by privileges control: all actions (access to database, its modification) can be secured by privileges;
  • export subsystem allowing info export to *.html, *.doc, *.pdf;
  • user control subsystem allowing to give common access to database to unlimited number of users; to give privileges for database access at user level and to register all actions made in database for each user separately (access to database for the clients and its modification for analytics);
  • newsletter subsystem allowing to send news messages made by site administrator;
  • subsystem of reports’ sending allowing reports’ sending made by subsystem of reports formation;
  • security system from unauthorized access: DoS, XSS- attack, SQL-injection, PHP- injection. The systems has security journal registering all intrusion attempts.


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