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KOINS - About us

In today's business world, software became more challenging than ever.

The goal of all business community is to find the best IT solution for any ideas in business optimization.

We believe our activity is more than just an addition, but an important component of a business process.

“KOINS” (Corporative information systems) was established in 2007. Till the end of 2008 company’s name was design-studio “STYLE”. But the old name wasn’t precise reflection of work we are engaged to.

“KOINS” knowledge is in software of any complexity. And our team primary task is to make things easier than they are indeed.


  • Software of any complexity
    Business process automation; enterprise, intranet, web portals.
  • Web Solutions
    Ecommerce; corporative, government, non-profit organization, personal websites; domain registration,hosting.
  • Design Development
    Business card websites; web-desing; logo, firm style development, banners.

Our clients:

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<a href="url://text:162" title="KOINS.Money" target="_blank">KOINS.Money</a>

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